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Confira a Letra Down not Out

Amity Dry

Down not Out

Forty dollars in the bank
More bills come every day
I can't pick up the phone now
They're all looking to be paid
Money had no value
Til everything was gone
Now all is lost on paper
But I'm still holding on
I may be down
I might be low on my luck
But it's coming round
And I do my best
When my backs against the wall
And I might stumble, but I never fall
I may be down, but I'm not out
Lost the only job I've known
It's nothing I can change
So I just sleep til bedtime
Can't find a reason for each day
Back when I was working
I did nothing but complain
Now I would give anything
To see those days again
I might be battered
But I'm not broken yet
It might be harder
But this is not the end