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Confira a Letra Rain Down

Amity Dry

Rain Down

6 o'clock and he's still sleeping
I pack my bags don't make a sound
Turn the lock, my heart is beating
I've come to far to turn back now

I turn the door on a life left behind
Rain drops fall as I start to cry

If it's gonna rain, rain down today
Wash all my tears
Take them away
Let if flow down on me
Take my troubles far out to see
Rain down on me

Too many times I've made up excuses
Too many nights I've wondered why
What began with so much promise
Turned so fast into a lie

And every step is taking all that I have
But if I stay I'll lose all that I am


Wash away my indecision
Make me strong
Don't let me fold
Let me cry til I'm empty
Then let the sun warm my soul