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Confira a Letra Breath You In

Amity Dry

Breath You In

I feel love all around me, every sense is tuned to you
You've woken something deep inside and made me feel brand new
And I quiver when you touch me, when you walk into the room
And I couldn't stop from falling even if I wanted to

So I breathe you in
And drown in this emotion
Let it roll over me
Flowing like the ocean
I melt into your arms
And let all my guards come down
I breathe you in

I look deep your eyes and I see into your soul
And I feel so hypnotised like I've somehow lost control
But I see you looking back at me and I know you feel the same
So I let go and let love come down and just take me away


And it's like water to the thirsty
And it's like standing in the rain