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Confira a Letra Lighthouse

Amity Dry


The Lighthouse

The worst thing is the silence ringing in my ears
And waking up from a dream to remember you're not here
And some days I'm so lonely I can barely even breathe
But then something will remind me that you're still right here with me

And you're the lighthouse leading me home
Guiding me through every storm
You're the sun that shines on my face
The warming embrace, the light of my days
You're the lighthouse

I long to hear your laughter, to look into your eyes
And I miss the way we used to talk until the sun would rise
And some days I'm so angry you were taken far to soon
But I know you're right beside me, and you're carrying me through


And I swear that I can feel you
Your breath upon my skin
And whenever I need you
I can hear you whispering