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Confira a Letra Half Life


Half Life

Woke up
With a hard-on
Head full of distortion
Condition returning
Verdict never learning
Is it late in the evening?
Or early in the morning?

Like the sound of a gunshot
New modifications
To the buzzing of a chainsaw
Sleeping through the daytime
Working through the night time

Laces tied
Wings pumped up with blood
But who keeps bleeding me dry?
Each and everyday
Face the world
Or take the asp
Been living upon a dirty guitar
Can't you taste my incoherence?
Today is not the same as yesterday -
And I've been on the trail

Been on that trail
For months and months now

Each moment a crossroads
You'd better be careful
To the left is Jesus
To the right The Devil singing:
Half a life to enjoy it
Half a life to regret it