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Confira a Letra Departure Lounge


Departure Lounge

Waiting here in the departure lounge, won't be long before I'm leaving
And in the instant that the world stood still, I melted into gas to float away

I'll come back stronger than before, soaking the sun array
Collecting little shots of happiness, a million years of sleep, again

But I can't remember what we were, what we once might have been somewhere else
We spun glitter balls and lover's dance, the flowers bloomed and time collapsed

And I'm trapped within the cloud of bliss, in control yet powerless
Within my head I hear a reverberation, the sound of Bowie on a jukebox

And who could blame us for wanting to talk with the gods?
The ringing bells of flooded cathedrals, will sound for you

And moments lost in time like tears in rain, left me clutching photographs
From the ramparts of a sleepy coastal citadel in Spain, I saluted you

And you hear

Under faraway moons. Human flotsam dream and sleeping bags
Big, where the ocean is blue, it's a perfect place to find yourself

So I'm looking for freaks to burn out stars with
Searching for misfits to get lost with
Waiting for souls to find my own with
Holding out for strangers whom I can dream with
And I'll be digging for friends to lose my mind with
'Cause I'm looking for freaks to burn out stars with
I'm looking for freaks to burn out stars with

To burn out stars with
To burn out stars with