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Confira a Letra Meld (Summer Of Love)


Meld (Summer Of Love)

Did you hear the radio play our song
In the static in the air all night long
It’s a hot winner and I’m hi/lo in love
Hi/lo in love, summer of love

With the rays of the sun everybody join in
Something inside of you calling
Something inside of me calling
We can be one

Get ready for love
We’re already headed for the bosom of awesome
We came to preside upon
Let it come and meld every heart
In the sun
We won’t tell no one
When the world come undone
Summer of love

So ride the river wide to work each day
And carry worries far away
Gonna lift us up
Let the devil’s tide take us home

Cause they’ll try to water you down
You know what they’ll say
Alive in the sun

Come on day or night
We won’t tell no one