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Confira a Letra Named After Rocky


Named After Rocky

Paper man – hey ain’t you champion?
A lightnin’ rod for disaster
Carved your name upon each pay check
Take a leap of faith into the dark
If you don’t know where to start
Well the top of the heap is very far
That much I know

And all the rainbows in the sky
And all the money in the world is all the same to me
Cause who’s the winner – who can tell
Upon the road straight to hell
Dance toe to toe with the devil and I’m gonna do you proud
I’m gonna make you proud

And as cold as the neon light is
Well it’s warm enough for me
Cause every man was born to shine
Seeing his name on a west end sign
When you get your chance – you don’t ask why
You just jump and fly
Real men don’t cry

Real men don’t cry