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Confira a Letra Rake and Ramblin' Girl

Amy Martin

Rake and Ramblin' Girl

Well I'm a rake and ramblin' girl
I've run from love all over this world
But I met a boy in a mountain town
And I might just let him help me settle down

Oh he was fine, both dark and tall
I met him at the harvest ball
We danced a jig, and we danced a reel
And he left his heart out for me to steal

But I was gone the very next day
When on to rob the broad highway
But all that silver and those shiny stones
Couldn't make me smile or keep me warm

I'm ramblin' back to my mountain boy
To see if his charms I still enjoy
Oh I will ramble all of my life
And I might just let him ramble by my side

Well I'm a rake and ramblin' girl…