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Confira a Letra Open

Amy Martin


My path was straight and narrow
Your heart was raw and red
You stood there bleeding in the shadows
And I had to turn my head
I fought you tooth and nail
I loved you with clenched fists
But now that the war of our love is over
I can finally tell you this

Thank you for breaking me open
Thank you for breaking me open
My heart's song was safely unspoken
But you came, and you broke me wide open

Our pain was full of love
And our love was full of pain
And all I knew when we were through
Was that I'd never feel the same
For my wise and worthy walls
Of reasons and rules
Came tumbling down around me
The day that I met you

The sky was full of grey
The grey was full of cold
But the cottonwood stood wealthy
With its countless coins of gold
They lay littered on the ground
Like lessons learned in love
There were more of them
Than I could ever hope to hold