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Confira a Letra Let It Go

Amy Martin

Let It Go

So I'm talking to this friend of mine down at the wharf where I sometimes play
I say, how do you play that frilly fancy funk on your guitar
And he say, baby, it's more complex than I could ever say
And he say, honey, it ain't hard

Just let it go
Let it slide
Let yourself sound like shit most of the time
Girl, your body knows
Just close your eyes

So I'm talking to this friend of mine who I've come to know intimately
And he say, woman I wanna please you, I wanna watch you bloom
And I say, baby I know what you're sayin, I wanna make you happy too
Maybe we just gotta get as close as we can,
Maybe we just gotta stand back and give each other some room

To let it go
Let it slide
Let it rock and roll, bark at the moon, howl at the sky
Man, this body knows
From my top to my toes to that tender spot between my thighs…

So I'm lookin at my life and I'm thinkin I should have some sort of a plan
I say, girl, you gonna be bum, or you gonna make something outta you
And I say, I don't know, these days plans are making me a little nervous
Seems like when I have the best time
Is when I don't even know what I'm trying to prove

When I just let it go
Let it slide
Hop on that westbound train and ride
Lord, this world knows
If I don't try to force it, it leads me to glory every time
Every time