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Confira a Letra Indian Summer

Amy Martin

Indian Summer

It's been warm these last few weeks of September
Warm enough to make me forget, to make me remember
And I was caught beneath the harvest moon
Pretending it was springtime for me and you

In the Indian summer
All the world looks golden
Everything is dying
But it looks more alive than its ever been
And you are filled with hope
That life will win
That the leaves won't fall
And the flowers won't close up and die again

I couldn't promise that I could learn how to love you
I didn't really know what I had to offer
I guess like the late summer afternoon
I just wanted to shine a softer light on you

We throw our windows open
We let the sun come in and turn our skin brown
But we don't look at the fruit of the summer
Which is rotting on the ground

So when the wind blows you into October
You wake up and take out your sweaters
And you thought you were standing bold before the bonfire of love
But you were really just shivering before her embers