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Confira a Letra Skate And Destroy

Anarchy 6

Skate And Destroy

everyday i skip school
don't go there... shine the rules
i just skate all day long
don't tell me that i'm wrong
my skateboard is not a toy...
i skate and destroy!!
everyday i bail school
don't go there... shine their rules
i just skate on my skate
it's the only thing i do great!
skating through society's waste
i drink beer for the taste, yeah!
skating is my eternal fate,
to the ramps i am never late
hippies can't skate b'cuz they're gay
their hair gets in the way!
inverts, grinds, tail-taps, too
get in my way and i'll grind on you, yeah!!!!
skate and destroy, skate and destroy
my skateboard is not a toy!
skate and destroy, skate and destroy
skate, skate, skate, oi! oi! oi!