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Confira a Letra Cause / Consequence


Cause / Consequence

They've crossed the whole earth
Searching for one final truth
But fooled since their birth
They forgot the way
Back to the roots

If there's sadness
You're the one to blame
Should have read the rules
The hands that control
This amazing game
Are right in front of you

Take the burden
And the weight of your own acts
The tide is turning
Face the truth, accept the facts

I see a new beginning
I see with tears covering my eyes
Now that the rage is gone
I'll find my strenght to carry on

So the winner shows
His trophy hear the sound
Of clapping hands
As the loser dives
Lonely like was claimed
by common sense
Declared guilty by
The jury without defenders
Time will lead you to
A sea of consequences

Starving souls take anything
Any pair of word becomes
A new reality
Swallow ideologies
Won't bring you light,
Won't set you free

I see no reasoning in your acts
That caused this endless deadlock
There is a cause and a consequence
You only harvest what you sow

Take the burden
And the weigh of your own acts
The tide is turning
Face the truth, accept the facts