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Confira a Letra Wishing Higher Skies


Wishing Higher Skies

Treated like a fool

No more lies to you
I exist to erase your torment

When you are far from me
I fell emptiness
Cold days
Where everything is grey

I can see desire in your eyes
I'll show you things you never felt before
Wishing higher skies

You need no liar
That's why I'm your fate
Making love on fire
Destiny in our hands
Oh... It's so clear
One dance to celebrate our pain
My desire... you are my dream, soul mate

Hold your breath maiden, the world is yours
Close your eyes and gently kiss me once more
We don't belong here, let's find our home
Look into my eyes and trust me.... Forever!

One day you'll find out
The reason why we wait today
I know you inside and you know me the same way
It's more than love, we are linked for eternity
Now we are one, what I think is what you say.