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Confira a Letra Lunatic Society

Ancestral Sin

Lunatic Society

Obsessions, possessions, depression:
Something that i've not yet reached
The world around me is filled with madheads
When comes the time it catches me?

Give me an explanation
For this fucked up civilisation

Fucked up - by hate!
Fucked up - by love!
Fucked up - by anxiety!
Fucked up - by society!

Life is hell, the use of dope...
A logical conclusion, it's human expression
The world is dangerous, defend with weapons...
Can anybody warn us for this verbal aggression?

Dreams, madness, voices, psycho's, class...
Deathmasks, questions, suicide, stress...

The pressure putten on you makes you fucking mad.
Physical violence by this insanity it's fed
Sautner on with it in a society of fiction
Commit a crime and take it into conviction...

When comes the time it catches me?