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Confira a Letra Messed Up Forever

Ancestral Sin

Messed Up Forever

Somewhere fell a name
A name which caused a crime
He told them about his big example
He wasn't even nine
To young to know what he was doing
But they were hard didn't leave him any chance of growing...
Of growing up

Is there any chance of progress
Or will it end up in a fuckin' mess?

What is the value of living
When every day consists of fighting
Pumping in shit and getting brave:
A heavy drug is what it takes

Go ahead deny, deny, motherfucker
Every few seconds someone is murdered
If it's not you then it will be another!

Buy a gun buy a gun
Shoot someone shoot someone
Is this today's way is this today's way
Of having fun? of having fun?

Please, tell me that this isn't true
And say it only when there's enough prove
Cuz today's statistics will have no end
As long as there is no defense!!!