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Confira a Letra Increasing Indepenc

Ancestral Sin

Increasing Indepenc

Back at the start it looked nice
You had the guts, you had the core
Your outfit was no disguise
You amphesised what you stood for

You got the name, you got the fame
Got mixed up in a commercial game
By your own ignorance
You got dragged in to the rock 'n roll drain!

We watched as you tried hard
We watched it all from the start
We watched you loosing common sense
We watched you alienate intense
Now we watch you systematically removing friends!
This is where our relationship ends...

I believe in selfrespect
As long a it is you who reacts
I believe in 'the scene', as long's it's what it shows
And it's not becoming one big fuckin' pose!

Increasing independence
Increasing independence
Increasing independence
Increasing independence