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Confira a Letra Find My Name In The Sun

And The Giraffe

Find My Name In The Sun

Do you wanna take those chances
To find my name in the sun?
Do you wanna lie on the back of a mountain
Where the wolves do roam?
Do you wanna drink til' the paintings do sing
Or do you wanna die before the dawn?
You survived the winter and i survived the cold
Just wanna let you know
On the other side
Does a loving feud have to be something more,
Or will the rug muffle our yells
Will the chipped paint on the walls ever dry?
Will the room keep closing in?
You smashed the doorframe
And i'll burn the halls
Just wanna let you go
Shall we build a bridge from door to door
To help the postman on his route?
Shall we tip-toe through forest and field
To get the job done by ourselves?
Gather stargazers and curious wanders
On the other side