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Confira a Letra Every Song

Andy Clockwise

Every Song

Every song, well it seems to be about you,
Every song well the chorus seems to know just what you do, to me.
It know your i see i'll stay a while, maybe i'll write one for you,
It walks and talks and helps me for the next time, you'll be with me yeah.
And every one, well they say that your so bad, well i'm glad,
And every one, doesn't see the good things that i've had, with you.
They're just lies and cold and write confusions of the world,
They're doing handstands in the gransdstands with their plans they don't know me at all.
I don't know, if you do,
I don't know if you care,
But your eyes they just tell me to keep pushing on, pushing on, and so does every song, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Every song, every song.
I knew this girl she cried so much but her tears dried when i touched them.
Everytime i met with her, i was looking straight over her shoulder,
There were lovers and clowns, uppers and downs, dancers and science fiction.
Losers and winners and swingers and grinners and songs about everything.
Lovers and clowns, uppers and downs, songs about everything.
Losers and winners and swingers and grinners and songs about everything.
Don't you know that every song, every song, every song is about you.
Every song, every song every song is about you.
I think that i love you (continue and fade out)