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Confira a Letra Stranger

Angel Dust


Somewhere on a border
forced to march in line and order
looo men in greedy hands
Lured with hope for future
pressed in contracts
leaving them no chance
but to leave their land
They're nameless young men
bleeding their hands
on the edge of life
and they feel the hate
treated like slaves
There's a shanty village
where they are folded in dirt
dirt and a mess
intimidations breaking
the free will of men
free will of men
free will of men
Stranger from a foreign land
Somewhere in a office
noble looking and expensive
accepted by a corrupt state
Stranger from a foreign land
Locked in a cage
tied with invisible chains
on iron walls of pain
faces expressing their torture
denying their age
1000 years
reflected in mirrors of eyes
and brain
flowing rage
a rage crushing in fragments
past recorgnition their mind
Stranger from a foreign land
Stranger from a foreign land

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