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Confira a Letra Cosmic Journey At the Night Skies


Cosmic Journey At the Night Skies

In the Heart of the Cold dark forest
Under the magic dust
of this majestic Cosmos
As the arms of the wind hold me
And the immortal trees dance as one
Tears from thousand burning centuries left behind
Awake with the midnight wolves

Oh night children
Infernal beasts
Arise from your castles of mist and mystery
And run through the moon's
Secret paths

We shall fly in the black infinite
We shall rule where darkness rules
We shall betray the signs of the Sun
We shall flame the heart of God

The clouds fly with the wings of the wind
Weeping my forbidden name
Black ravens stare at me with predator claws
Rapping my helpless soul
Darkness blinds my eyes of ice
And conquers my sleeping divinity

The distant frozen stars
Lead my bleeding essence
Into a realm of ancient black wisdom
Where Darkness floats int he sight of Light

Into a realm where those of the unlight
Rape the white angels water eyes
In red baths of impure blasphemy

Ended this cosmic journey at the night skies
Only silence will echoe
though the wastelands
Of the misty dark forest

The dead heart of Satan