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Confira a Letra Enter The Realm


Enter The Realm

Stalking the streets searching for fun
New ways to get out of your head
Meet a rich man, needle in hand
It might as well be a gun

Enter the realm
Bites your lifeline
Snuffs out your flame
Dependence increases

Injecting again lose all your friends
Track marks appear on your arms
Don't stand a chance descend into trance
A bottomless pit with no pain

Enter the realm
Bites your lifeline
Snuffs out your flame
Dependence increases

When you feel the poison slowly grasping at your soul
A self-injected death sentence begins to take control
A brief flirtation into bliss sucks your own life force
A totally unnatural death begins to take its course

Realise with a mounting terror your addiction is too real
Try to kick the habit but you're far too gone to heal
When your cells begin to collapse and your brain begins to fry
Your mind leaves your body and inevitably dies

Eyes witness the horror of your own suicidal death
Lose all feeling in your limbs you take the final breath
The body that you left behind is just an empty husk
Your hold upon your sanity crumbles into dust

You're entering the dragon's realm and here it is you'll stay
Shot with hypodermic gun there is a price to pay
Caught within the dragons grip there is no escape
Cushioned yet a grip of steel you'll never get away

Die, you die on your own
You die on your own.