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Confira a Letra Dream Again


Dream Again

I got this rose in my pocket, titanium rockets
Don’t stand a chance against me
I got this heart that keeps beating
My time might be fleeting
But I’m not gon' give up easy

I got this song that I’m singing
But my hope is sinking
So somebody please tell me
When will we dream again?

You say it’s part of your mission
The word has been written'
Well that's no religion, huh?
You put this prison in my mind
These daggers in my skies
Now fear is my only friend
Now all of my roses they wither
Wash up with the river
I’m stuck in this slow dance
When will we dream again?

Wishin' wells
Make believe
Fairy tales
Never seen
Can’t pretend
They were made for me, no
Come on save me from this place

You see this city I’ll take
It this pure heart I’ll break
It's this money I’lll make it yea
You say the science has spoken
The enemy’s closing
I’m not gon' give up on us
We’ll say that when we were younger
We lived like the thunder
We never stopped wondering
When will we dream again?
When will we dream again?
When will we dream again?