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Confira a Letra Clean It Up

Annie Stela

Clean It Up

I'm sick of my mother
I'm sick of my father
I'm sick of everyone around me not stepping up
And I'm sick of this fast pace
I'm sick of these clean breaks
Cause then there's no one around to help me clean it up

Clean it up
Who's gonna help me clean it up?

He thought when he grew up
That life would be special
That what he wanted would come easy and clean
But he's using that paycheck
To cover his car wreck
And it turns out that life's the same old mess it's always been

He's gotta clean it up
Who's gonna help me clean it up?

Oh, give it up or lose it completely
It's never what you think that it should be
Give it up or lose it completely

So you're sick of your heartache
And you're sick of your dead weight
You say it's all the same in the end
But no one likes high ground
So you gotta climb down
If you're ever gonna make yourself some friends

Clean it up
Who's gonna help me clean it up?