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Confira a Letra Pull Back

Annie Stela

Pull Back

My heart will not slow
Bringing it home, keeping it home
And darling you know I only shine when I'm alone
When no one can see the sparkle
I light up my own dark, I'm full
I'm full of throb and sway
But I can't give you much today

Pull back, just pull back
Cause all of my shields eventually crack

Can I hold a candle
To late night bar talks
To flying off the handle
To flip-flop shuffle when you walk
When beautiful moments come around
I'll do my best to knock them all down
I am full of build and collapse
But I can't stay because of that

Pull back, just pull back
'Cause all of my shields eventually crack
Pull back, 'cause all of my shields eventually crack
And it's too close and it's too real
And I'd let it pour out at my throat
But I'm too scared, too scared to feel
I am pressed against your face
And all I can think is where is my hiding place?