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Confira a Letra Keep Me Around

Annie Stela

Keep Me Around

A list of my qualities to look over if you want
I'm trying to please you but if you won't I guess you won't
I can relax and have a good time
And wait for hte moment that you realize you should be mine

Keep me around, keep me around
I'm good for you
Keep me around, keep me around
You'll love what I do
Though it may not seem like it now
It's good for you to keep me around

My smile has its ups and downs but I"m generally a laugh
And you can bet I won't skip town and leave you with the aftermath
I can be possionate but not hang on
And if you feel you need your space just turn around and I'm gone

My smile's been trample a time or two
So merely a fottprint and I'm out the door on you
But play your cards right and one night I could belong to you