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Confira a Letra Fed Up


Fed Up

Oh, I don't wanna waste no more time of mine,
And I just cant take no more,
Oh, I had enough of contradictive lies and your foolish pride for sure,
Oh, every day you just do about anything only to get through your way,
Oh, there's so many people like you that never change never learn from yesterday,

Ah, let me be the best I can, without you all up in my business and
Trying to tell me what to do, I don't need no more people like you,
Trying to shake the ground I stand on, do whatever, I'll still be holding on,

I'm that girl that you talk about;
no matter where I go I'm the talk of the town,
I'm fed up, fed up, fed up,
I'm that babe that you love to hate,
no matter what you say I still won't change,
I'm fed up, fed up, fed up…

Oh, Why you always have to be fake on me, and put up with a show,
Oh, cant you see you´re only wasting all the time, trying to mess up my flow,

Bridge + chorus…

Think again before you, come on strong and judge me to,
You don't even know me, so why are you acting like you do
Think again before you, come on strong and judge me to,
You could never handle one day in my shoes

I'm the girl that everybody talks about