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Confira a Letra Twice



Why just tell me why
Do i have to tell you everything twice
Why just tell me why
Do I have to tell you everything ... everything twice
You don't listent me
You just don't care to see
What lies beneath

Shaking your whole world is shaking
Mistake after mistake, you're going down
Faking... this misunderstanding
Breaking your back, nothing in return
Time and time, you're taking to much time
Cross the line, you're commithing a crime
Ain't so bad when they tell you what to do
But it got worst when they are running after you

Hide, I can see why you hide
Behind a mask, a cheap, a fake, such a disguise
I can see why you're blind, dying to see
Wich way to serenity
Holding the flag in the air
Nothing here his changed

Fasting...flabours infesting
Guess you don't know wwhat the hell is going on
Graving...lazy you're getting
No looking back point of no return
Sin on sin, the deevil is coming in
Getting in, crawling under your skin
Ain't so bad when they, tell you whant to do
But it got worst when are running after you

I see, your lies, the way your looking at me
Your smile, black tooth, a stain an the portrait
You're not taking anyking of shortcuts
Straight, over limit, got no contrtol
Turning everyone and everything completely nuts

Your world is spinning around and around
(why just tell me why, just tell me why)
Around and around the world is spinning
(Why just tell me why, just tell me why)
Got no right to tell you what to do
But down do it right, the next time I'm asking you