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Confira a Letra Recall the Absence


Recall the Absence

Flashing pictures and loud sounds
Screaming news through the screens
Moving through a crowd of a million souls
Walking on each other

Recall... the absence
Recall... the absence

Surviving in a perpetual nightmare
Sharing the left space with strangers
As angst is the closest word for insanity
As a point of view can be a dangerous luxury
I can't show my feelings to others
How may I share this haunting distress?

In my life there's an absence
Which no one can ever guess

People do exist... but do we really live?
Something is definitely missing
I guess everyone stands this suffering

The world is telling us we're safe and sane
I just want to find my own place

Raised by a culture spilling into decay
I was given birth in all legality
I'm another Mr Everywhere
I just want someone saying I'm ME

Recall... the absence
Recall... the absence

Feeling no use for thinking