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Confira a Letra Forgotten Blood

Anthropophagical Warfare

Forgotten Blood

Centuries passed but I still remind
The blood gushing in the muddy ground
The swords and muskets maculating the flesh
I still see the thousands of dismembered bodies

Today I am an aberration
A soul without home
Destroying everyone that cross my grave
Doing they to remind what happened in this place
Everyone consumed by the fire
I feel the blood

The cross of the invaders flooded by the blood
Come allied spirits to command the death
The revenge was unchained and will be executed
In my small reign of agony and terror

Forgotten Blood
Forgotten Blood

The hate pulses in my black heart
I want again to raise the sacred dagger
To bury him in damned bastard's chest
Bringing the honor again to this land

My revenge is here
Through many years
Extracting their dirty souls
Slaughtering them, as them made to my people
Everyone consumed by the fire
I feel the blood