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Confira a Letra Thoughts Preceeding


Thoughts Preceeding

Tuning out as you recall
injustices of yesterday
You've tried this story twice before
And mercy is leaving
Pride denial in the way
tried my best to feel your pain
its not my words, they stumble, fall
its the thoughts preceeding
Its not my punishment, I'm learning, stay
Awaiting sunsets
Convoluted words of hate
I fear what you've become
You're sick and caught up in the haze
what illness have you now?
The promises you made
with nothing ever working out
Distancing pulling away
but consoling words are not for sale
party up drown it all in fun
but relief is fleeting
Resign to loss desolate place
I'm watching awaiting fate
refuse the words that we have failed
they're just thoughts preceeding
I play the groundsmen for your fall
And thoughts in someways it will never end
it'll be worth it some day...some day