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Confira a Letra Seven Year Winter

Apathy Theory

Seven Year Winter

I didn't mean for it to happen like this
Have to watch you die and know what happened
Have to hold on to you till your very last breath
It's so damn hard to know I was your death
Your blonde hair and blue eyes
seem so empty now
without you
rely no more within
You're gone
You were becoming a man a man just like me
I'm sorry I will miss you my brother our baby
I remember you on dark
cold nights you would come to me
and cry and hold me tight
You were becoming a man
a man just like you right now
I'm sorry I will miss you
A lifeless body in my arms that once belonged to you
and we think every time
The world went cold as pale as you
Right then I knew my life was gone
Right now
(I'll wait for you)
we try
(if you'll stay for me)
to find
(we can't change this)
the way
(just don't forget me)
to go
(i'll wait for you)
let it go
(if you'll stay for me)
we have (we cant change this)
to go on
(just don't forget me)
No more pain in life