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Confira a Letra Through Towers Sight Is Born


Through Towers Sight Is Born

Tower of inbred darkness
Hold our flesh burning in a churchyards sin's
Fettered throught the lust of our undead father
Summoning songs of despair
From within Gravestone Veneration

Ephemeral pools drip in lust
Where ancient woe moves my flesh to spirit
Whom Lilith bore spinning her web of child bearing
Screaming her passions into the earth's wearing breath

Buer lick our wounds cradle our fears within frail dew
Guide the serpents venom into our heart
Poison the well of our tattered flesh
Open our eyes to legions on high

Raise me on high between the skins of time
The earth bleeds virgin death for my father
Steadfast our tower stands upon a torn cross

Raging flames prayed apart by five
Ripping the Flesh and tearing the skin
of a mutilated savior never born
pierced by the glory of Satan's spear
your grovel grieving in the woven hands of Lucifer

Children you suffer
Loose your hope in my glory
I am your lord forever born
Clad in the storms, roots, oceans, and seas

Weave past my fingertips
Clasp my skin to the metal gates
Blood my elixir I drink from thee

Open the tower gates
Through towers site is born
Lucifer my King, Lucifer my Lord

Ad Arcanum Dom es Spiritus
Dom Excellis