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Confira a Letra Choice Time


Choice Time

Now it´s time for the fight
Time to surrender or time to rise

May the glory of the bravest one prevail...

Choice time...

Come and sit beside your friend Enjoy the stay chez moi
Don't be afraid , my world is great
Come mon amie

All seductions that you´ve got to say
I'm a fortress, my strong will won't fail

Why you fear me? I'll be your king
May you be my queen?
My story is written and my victory is so near

You will regret your destiny
Your feelings show your rotten soul that vanish with your greed

My strength is based on my beliefs
The future can´t be seen But I´ll glorify my dream

Now beware! It's choice time
Enemy or allied
It's the chess of our lives
Run or stay by my side

Holy soldiers
Evil warriors
Coming to the fight
The light and darkness judge the fate of our lives

My command will shake the land
The enemy will testify the fury of my hand

Now the light will turn the tide
Angels will arise
To defend and guard the might
To bring back the last sunrise.

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