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Confira a Letra Here Comes The Life


Here Comes The Life

Is the mistery in the land
A sea that never ends?
The sun is rising
Once again

Now it´s time for us to share
You are my mom, don´t let
The rules of nature
All turn back

Feel the wind blows in your hair
Dancing quiet above the land
The first act has begun

Here Comes The Life
Bringing light to Earth
Spread the seeds along the sand
To grow beyond horizon´s end
Now it´s time to go ahead!

Now the sounds are travelling through all the land
They have control of my story´s end
I´ll let the notes of life play
On their own

I will never have my secrets revealed
As already are they all sealed
I´ll keep the key of justice in my heart

Oh, my son, I will be your guide
Oh, feel my strength flow in my veins

I am here to claim the throne
- the queen will rise to reign the earth-
Be the judge of this future world
All my life I´ve waited for this role
I´ll fulfill my promise now

Here Comes the Life
To glorify my name
Now my realm will arise
In my womb will become ripe
I´ll be there to guard our home

Oh, my son, I will keep your heart
Oh, here´s my reign
Angels guard its gates
I have given all my force
To build the cradle of the world´s creation
And I bless you with seven seas of life
Purified with holy light

Here Comes The Life
Giving course to Earth
Now the nature crawls alone
And the miracle is done
Waiting for what will come soon.