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Confira a Letra Recurrent Inception


Recurrent Inception

Worlds colliding , rush into the void

All motion is relative it`s stagnant
Destroying that which had been saved what could he do
Starting over from nothingness what does it mean
Will our worlds be reborn only to be destroyed again

Revising man`s Importance a Vision of Horror
A god the red of the Sun before us
Awaits our arrival , to complete the cycle

Within the Realm of a dying Sun
Exploding into a Universe as we fuse into one
Inactive , immobile ,caught in a time`s hold
Why are we unable to solve the evolvement of the Stars

Rituals , Ceremony of Motion
Stand time still , Let the Earth topple
Over it`s axis , plunge toward the Sun

Man`s life Function becomes nonessential guided by fate
Functional slaves of Motion we all become
Two Years , Ten Years elapse as passengers intact
We watch cathedrals crumble and civilizations decay