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Confira a Letra Leithian



Desperate alone ill and sad I found you
You called for me but then I could not go
Cause racial disputes were between our love

My father the king has sent you to death
Shortages and dangers I passed to be with you
Now our destinies have became one

Valiant huan he killed the wolves
Strong and brave defeated their lord

I claim my power breacking the chains
By the moonlight I found you
Embrace me again

Finror's fortune has been done today
He has died defending his human friend
He's back to his home in Eldamar

The guardian at angband we could decive
My song was a spell and you stole the magic
Stone that brings the light the Silmaril

Huan he spoke for the thirst time
We will always sing his name

Power of evil brings death to you
Now my father understand who you really are

Under the great beach I saw you die
But I tell this to you wait for me again

Living forever without you
I don't want well be togheter forevermore