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Confira a Letra The Seal Of Madness


The Seal Of Madness

It was a rainy night
Thunders lit the sky
The streets were desert
The electric trembling light
I couldn't hear the footsteps behind
And when I looked back it was just too late
There was a figure, half man and half-beast
Stinking of beer, foaming his mouth
A leather jacket was the latest thing I saw

That's the Seal! The Seal of Madness!
That's the Seal! The Seal of Madness!

I don't know how I could
But I survived that night
When I came home
I put some music on
Relaxing-chillout track,
That was what I needed

But when I pushed the play
My heart began to explode
Madness arrived, I need metal tonight
Girls, alcohol, is foaming my mouth
A leather jacket is growing on my skin

That's the Seal! The Seal of Madness!
That's the Seal! The Seal of Madness!

Every time that I will hear obscene music in the air
The Seal will take my mind, doomed forever to a cursed life
A metal wolf man I'll become, in a heavy metal world
Infidels will fear my name, leather jacket is the way

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