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Confira a Letra Slipping Away

Assembly Point 3

Slipping Away

Heighten my expectations
Built up the pressures sure as I'm here
You've never been there

The bolts are tight we are screwed in
We're tamed to fight
But knowones in here
You said you'd there

Why can't you see me slipping away
Faceless I see through you all
Why can't you feel me slipping away
Consciousness into I fall

Growing to love the nameless
Those nameless eyes show me that I'm there
Now show that you care

I'll tell you straight I wish you would too
You've made me doubt you

You make your promisses
You fulfill them for somebodyelse
But should I blame you for this?
Why am I so far down on your list?

I wish I could see
If you'll comfort me
When I'm on your wall
When it's too late to turn back
When youve suffered your attack
Will it all come good in the end?