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Confira a Letra Once Again


Once Again

We've been through this goddamn bullshit a thousand times
Sissies who keep talking shit all the time
Running their mouths with threats against our crew
We stand for one scene and unity
But not with you....

This time we will beat you down
We'll make it clear who wears the crown

This time we won't be shaking hands
It's our revenge

So once again it's war between two sides
You don't seem to get it
Playing time is over now
It's time to fight
We'll tell you how we settle this

Not going out like you
That shit is weak

Put us down when we're not around
Then play hide and seek

But the truth will come out
Like it came out before

So next time you cowards play south
There's gonna be no show!

You've started a war in the scene
That's already one
I gave you a chance to confess
Now the beef is on
I heard you are ready to fight
Well if that's the case
You better stop marking your hands
I will mark your face

Talk the talk
Once again
Walk the walk
Be a man

Do not give me your fake respect

Maggots on the internet
This is a threat bitch

Can't walk away from this