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Confira a Letra Don't Be Afraid To Choose


Don't Be Afraid To Choose

I should not be singing a song like that
While someone expects me to do my best
But tonight I’m just in the mood of sing
Fuck the rest of the world to me

The choices are not always good for us
The life is not like catching a bus
Don’t matter how you’re felling on the day
It will be there at the same time and place

Don’t be afraid to fight, don’t be afraid to fall
Don’t be afraid to be placed against the wall
You just must be strong show how much you want
Leave behind that road full of stones
Don’t be afraid to know, don’t be afraid to grow up
Don’t be afraid to seek the best way to go
Don’t be afraid to do what’s right for you
And all your dreams will come true

The time goes by and the morning is coming
Let us do what has to be done
Don’t forget everything you learned
And every word one day you heard

Sometimes you want to look back
By special people that you left there
But now is time for another world
And see what it holds for each of us

Now is time to make all the choices alright
To believe cause life is made right here