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Confira a Letra You



Everything happened that lovely night
When I caught you by surprise
You hold up to believe
You looked inside a dream
You didn’t know but the other side
Had someone who just wanted to see you smile
The moon lost her shines to your eyes
The most beautiful I’ve ever seen my life

When I saw you the first time
I never imagined one day you’d mine
Now I feel cannot stay away
You placed something here inside my chest
I just want you know
This heart only beats fast for

You. Only you
Everything I want is hold you in my arms
Feel your warm embrace
Slide my fingers through your face
I wanna hear your voice like a lullaby
Give you all the stars there are in the sky
I know that I love only you

When our bodies are near
The world around us seems to disappear
Your heart is beating together mine
It sounds make me feel alive
I made this song for you
To say all that I’m feeling for

You. Only you
Everything I want is look into your eyes
Feel you soft skin
Make your dreams come to life
I could spend eternity with you
No matter what the things I need to do
I know that I want only you

Only you
Everything I want is never say goodbye
Let me be the one who is always by your side
We don’t have to give the reason why
We just have to live our dreams tonight
I know that I love only you