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Confira a Letra Kirov Factory


Kirov Factory

Desperate, Fingers
prints on black and white
her hands tied
skinny wrists to the train line

trembling, Holding
fears she can't express
her eyes close
tiny fist in my hands, though

and she turns away, turns away
spilling tears on the subway

if birds could bend the iron rails
of cages, prisons, lies
and turn back time, unclip their wings,
regain that will to fly
as endless night returns to white,
someday they'll take the sky
cut all the lines, rise up on high,
like waking back to life.

sleepless, Frequent
eyes pried wide and powdered
for daybreak
steels herself for the heartbreak

hopeless, Highness
empty all your trust
as the doors close
the howling wind through the tunnels

then she'll glance back
sees her train on the wrong track

scares her to death scares her to death
scares me to death scares me to death
i'm a strange caveman
for a girl in a cave
scares me to death scares me to death
scares her to death scares her to death