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Confira a Letra The Lover


The Lover

Hey there lover don’t you feel so bad
There aint no one gonna take what you once had
Oh you won so many battles but you lost the war
Now it’s time to pack and leave for brighter shores

So you tore up half your letters
Marked the rest “return to sender”
Tore every last picture off the wall

Hey there lover I know she's done you wrong
But what she gave you first won’t do you any harm

Well she faded into silence
Left you standing in the aisle
When morning came you dropped that dried bouquet

But you know she really loved you
Though now there’s nothing to hold on to
You know certain things can never be undone

So hold your head up high, lover
Drink that wine and toast your lover
Even if she’s gone and far away

Oh can you remember – what you had
From the first of November – and what was said
That passed away
By the very first of May

I met a lover yesterday on bended knee
He aint waiting for no one to set him free
See he grew his beard and watched the autumn fade to gray
Sittin by the kitchen window, he’s drawn the shade

And the faces laugh around him
“You’re a fool you lonely bastard,
don’t you want to be a happy man like me”

But he smiles, his eyes a-shining
“My friend you miss the silver lining
There’s only one truth I’ve come to know”