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Confira a Letra Unexplained

I hope my mind is like a parachute
I hope it opens on time
I know the same as I knew before
All is lost inside
I know that I must turn and strip
All the armour from my heart
I must stop all this
From going wrong
It mustn't show on the outside
A broken brain
With the truth
To be as bad as it takes
Yeah to be a true saint
In the name of the unexplained
Ain't gonna give 'em no rest
This is serious business
In the name of the unexplained
I know that life's real mystery
Maybe further out than death
If I know everything about the world
I wish I knew a little less
We all stare at the ground
Hands in pockets going round 'n' round
Abuse and irony hurting me
The blisters on my tongue
The shamefaced shuffle
The tightlipped smile
Taste your medicine
I know who I am
And so do you
It just goes round and round
I know my mind
Is like a hurricane
And I will blow you all away