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Confira a Letra Walking Dead

Barb Wire Dolls

Walking Dead

What"s wrong with the world today
Were you really born this way
With no fight left in you
You'll rot inside your cage-less zoo
If you don"t go within
Then you"ll go without, so don"t give in

Surreal in my head
I"m losing control, I'm the walking dead
Born in this grave, society's slave
I'm the walking dead
Surreal in my head
I"ve out of control, I'm the walking dead
Trapped in this cage, society's rage
I'm the walking dead

Ripped and torn inside out
Fading hope, a voice-less shout
Rise above and never doubt
You've got the key to get out
Tired and lonely and hopelessly bored
Apathy has left you a zero-less score

Controlled by a master you abhor
Rise above and rise within
Fight the darkness, don"t give in
"Cause only the brave can shed their skin
And wake up the dead