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Confira a Letra Wild Child Diamonds

Barb Wire Dolls

Wild Child Diamonds

Gonna head up to the strip
Where the party"s always hip
Gonna run with darby crash
If I don"t get off this trip
And now the devil"s on my back
And he"s climbing through the cracks
For me to get loose
I"ve got to shake him from this noose

Wild diamonds in the sky tonight
Running wild in the streets tonight
Just like dogs in heat, we"re
F***ing like wild child diamonds in the sky tonight
I"ve been running all over town
To catch with this clown
"Cause I wanna get high
And f*** the purple haze sky

I wanna break free
"Cause I"m a sexual being
I need my rock and roll fix
So I can turn more tricks
Gonna head down to the strip
I"m gonna get me my fix
I"m gonna get real loose
So I can tie my own noose
Left the party at the masque
Headed down an empty flask
Rioted on sunset boulevard
Watched the cops overturn my car