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Confira a Letra World On Fire

Barb Wire Dolls

World On Fire

And the night begins to make things clearer
"Cause the fire in the sky is burning us alive
There's a man on the street
With no shoes and no food to eat
While the man in the bankers suit is promoted higher
Here we go again with the war
Dollar drops oil prices soar
It's all part of their master plan

Take cover
"Cause the world is on fire
Full of greed and desire
We're living in denial
While the world is on fire
From the watch tower
I see a child's hope fading
In the name of their God

They even kill their own babies
From the book we read
From the pages we bled
"Cause the man in the religious suit
Is a paid liar
The truth shall set you free
But the man in the business suit is sworn

To hide it from thee
It's all about money
It's all about power
From the beginning of the age
Slavery"s been all the rage
The world is on fire