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Confira a Letra How Can I Refuse?


How Can I Refuse?

I've been bowing
I've been scraping
I've been lying like a rug
And for ten long years I've had to pay my dues
But today I am escaping
For the last gold has been dug
It was waiting there, so how could I refuse?

I'm returning home a hero
Who's discovered mighty wealth
And what better husband could a princess choose?
I'm the suitor who will suit her
Bring the kingdom back to health
And I'll wear the crown, for how could I refuse?

Raise every glass
And rouse every cheer!
Praise that the reign of Preminger is here!
Master in charge of all that I see
All hail me!

And by marrying the princess I get all that I desire
Like a moat
An ermine coat
And palace views

Even though she treats me coldly
It's a sign of inner fire
For inside she's thinking
"How can I refuse?"

Right, except there's one little problem, boss.

That's Prince Boss to you!

Right, the queen decided to marry off the princess to the king of Bahsena.

What?! Making a decision without me?! Who does she think she is?

Uh, the Queen?

You simpering simpleton!

Well, she is the Queen. She's got a crown and a scepter and sits in her big fancy chair...


No! I wont let go!
This peasant son wont turn and run because some reckless royal chose another beau's...a temporary setback
It's a momentary loss
But conviently my ego doesn't bruise
And the moment that I get back I will show them who's the boss
You can bet your bullion there'll be no "I do's"
Yes suppose the girl goes missing
And the king says "au revoir"
Then I find her
Bring her back and make the news
Then the queen will be so grateful
That she'll pledge the heir to moi
And I'll humbly tell her
"How can I refuse?"

When our ceremony's over
I'll arise and take the throne
And that nitwit Anneliese can kiss my shoe
For the kingdom and the castle will be mine and mine alone
If the crown should fit then how can I refuse?

ALL: So get ready with the roses and stand by with the champagne
When you've got a brilliant plan you never lose
Yes before the chapter closes
I'll be as big as Charlemagne
It's a thankless job but how can I refuse
How can I refuse?